We are a volunteer led organisation founded by a group of Russian Speaking mothers, who live in Southampton. Our aim is to create a Russian Speaking environment for children and adults, to provide opportunity to learn Russian Language, culture, traditions and to hold family and cultural events connected to the Russian culture

Our Projects

Cultural events and family days – we organise cultural events for the the families with competitions, games, art workshops and tasty snacks. Parents will have an opportunity to meet and communicate with each other over a cup of tea or coffee.

Russian language school “Buratino” – working along with Community Language Services, our purpose is to assist communities in preservation and cultivation of the Russian language.

Early learning group “Kolobok” – welcomes parents and their children up to 4 years old! You and your child will have a great opportunity to meet Russian speaking families and their children, as well as learn Russian folk songs, fairytales, play games and engage in many other interesting activities.

From left to right : Jekaterina Matniova, Elena Vorobeva, Elena Carey, Kristina Zakaeva, Ludmila Kalasnikova, Anastasia Sherrin, Liubov Bahmatova.